Features & Highlights

Download the Kurzweil 3000 Windows Version 12 Product Sheet

  • Greater digital file accessibility
  • Increased language learning support
  • Additional research and writing functionality
  • And more.

Greater digital file accessibility

  • NIMAS ready
  • Output to DAISY 2 audio
  • Save to DAISY 3
  • Read the Web using Internet Explorer® or Mozilla Firefox
  • MathML support with MathPlayer from Design Science,Inc.
  • Multiple enhancements for working with PDF files

Increased Language Learning support

  • Google® Translator
  • American Heritage® Human Pronunciations
  • English and Spanish picture dictionaries
  • Scan and recognize multiple languages in the same file

Additional research and process writing functions

  • Reformatted Column Note utility
  • Brainstorm to Review toolbar
  • Improved Column Note, Outline, and Brainstorm workflow
  • Direct access to Writing Templates from toolbar

Other Enhancements

  • MP3 encoder available for audio file creation
  • History feature in Talking Calculator retrieves past operations
  • Updated OCR and NeoSpeech voices
  • Read the Web for Internet Explorer 7 and 8
  • Updated dictionaries and online help