Kurzweil 3000 Makes History Come Alive!

Written by the Kurzweil Blog Team

Did you know that the Kurzweil 3000®–firefly Universal Library contains grade-appropriate books that cover the important milestones in American history?

You can use Kurzweil 3000 in your classroom to provide access and content for Black History Month, making history come alive. Your students can read about:

  • The Underground Railroad
  • The Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • The Little Rock story, and more!

For a full list of the available books click here.

Access to these beautifully written and expertly illustrated books for Grades 3-8 is through the Kurzweil 3000–firefly Universal Library. Simply go to the Universal Library and locate the folder called Nonfiction Bookbag. Click on the folder, where you will find 15 leveled readers.


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