Thank You!

Written by the Kurzweil Blog Team

Recently, we surpassed an exciting milestone here at Kurzweil Education that we simply have to share with you:

Earlier this month, users of Kurzweil 3000 accessed the 500,000th file from our file sharing services in the Cloud!

Taking a few moments pause to reflect on this significant measure of Kurzweil 3000ís impact seems very appropriate. A daily average of approximately 1,350 documents opened and read is remarkable in terms of its effect, especially for a product that has been available for just over a year. Thinking about those who use our products to meet personal, academic, and professional goals, and having tangible evidence of the support we are able to deliver, is incredibly meaningful and humbling.

These concrete numbers emphasize to everyone here at Kurzweil, each in their own special way, the level of trust you bestow upon us to help those with literacy struggles.

It is with the knowledge of the extremely important role we play in helping those we serve that we thank all of our customers for choosing us as a partner. As we acknowledge this important milestone, we also commit to redoubling our efforts to continuously earn the privilege of being a part of so many individualís futures.



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