Realizing Success with Common Core Standards

Written by the Kurzweil Blog Team

Common Core State Standards demand that all students have access to curricula — they must be able to read it, understand it and respond to it. Whether you are investing in new or adapting current materials to meet the Common Core Standards, Kurzweil 3000 helps to provide access for ALL students.

How does Kurzweil 3000 support Common Core Standards?
Kurzweil 3000 assists students who struggle to read and learn from the same grade-level text as their peers. Built-in tools for reading, writing and study skills support new Common Core anchor standards by prompting students to actively engage with their studies. They’ll develop deeper comprehension of materials while gaining confidence in their abilities as they work their way towards becoming independent learners.

Learn how Kurzweil 3000 supports individual Common Core Anchor standards.


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