Winter Break Fun: How to Make a Snowflake

Written by the Kurzweil Blog Team

            I grew up in New England and still live here. I like the seasons and the constantly changing weather — even the cold! What I donít like, though, are the short days during the winter, so Iím always looking for ways to overlook the fact that itís dark at 4:30 in the afternoon. The day one of my co-workers made a paper snowflake and hung it from the ceiling in our office, I knew how to brighten the short, winter days! I began to make snowflakes.

These paper snowflakes arenít like the ones we made in school by folding and cutting one piece of paper. These snowflakes are fancy, intricate, and look difficult, but they arenít. Hereís how you make them.


  • Any kind of paper. We used the paper meant for our printers but you can use anything including heavy wrapping paper.
  • Scissors
  • Tape and/or a stapler
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
Step 1:
Cut 6 squares. I made it easy by cutting one piece of printer paper to an 8.5" square, then used this piece as my cutting guide for the next 5 pieces. But you can make any size square — bigger by taping pieces of paper together, or smaller.
      Step 2:
Fold one piece into a triangle. Then make another triangle and unfold back to the original triangle. The folded line down the middle of the larger triangle will be your center guide.
      Step 3:
Using the ruler, make 3 cutting lines parallel to the high sides of the triangle.

Step 4:
Cut each line but stop approximately one inch short of the center.
      Step 5:
Unfold the triangle so itís a square again.
      Step 6:
Take a small piece of tape, and beginning at the center, lap one edge over the other to form a tube.

Step 7:
Turn the burgeoning snowflake over and tape the second set of cuts.
      Step 7 (Continued):
Finish the remaining pieces in the same way until each section is taped.
      Step 8:
Then tape (or staple if you prefer) the snowflake pieces together in the center and at each edge that touches.

Step 9:
And there you are! You now have a beautiful snowflake to brighten up any winterís day!


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