Donít Let English Language Learners Fall Behind

Written by the Kurzweil Blog Team

Learning a New Language Takes Time

It takes 5-10 years to gain proficiency in a new language. Why? ELL students must learn both the social language and the more difficult academic language. Ongoing linguistic challenges coupled with the lack of a culturally relevant academic background increase the level of difficulty. Unfortunately, time does not stop for ELL students. They will need to continue their academic progression at the same rate as their native-English speaking peers, an ambitious goal considering the new rigor introduced with Common Core Standards.

ELL Students Can Read & Learn at Grade Level with Literacy Software

Specific features in Kurzweil 3000 support language and academic learning for ELL students—regardless of ability level or prior education experience. Visually tracking words with text-to-speech helps ELL students to improve their fluency, while high-quality voices reinforce the flow and cadence of the English language. Additionally, built-in tools allow ELL students to work on difficult, decontextualized content-area texts, enabling them to read text at or just beyond their language proficiency level. How does it work?

On the Fly Translation for 72 Languages & Reference Tools Help ELL Students Read at Grade Level
Letís face it, students today are used to having tools at the tip of their fingers. Investing the time in opening a dictionary or visiting an online translation site can be frustrating and take a long time, a task that is exemplified when considering complex text. The ability to translate words, sentences and entire paragraphs, right within the text and immediately simplifies the task and makes the whole process of reading more inviting.

ELL Students Learn at Grade Level with Study and Writing Supports
Within Kurzweil 3000, ELL students can gather, examine, and relate information from a variety of sources—including text books, high-level articles, or online—translating from English to their native language and then back again. The software then guides them through the thinking and writing process, from outline to brainstorm, and final written work. Here are a list of tools that facilitate the study and writing process for ELL students:

  • Highlight and extract main ideas and supporting evidence into column notes and outlines
  • Visually organize thoughts with graphic organizers
  • Develop an understanding of text structure with writing templates
  • Listen with text-to-speech to proofread content, syntax, and word selection
  • Employ proper usage of homophones and content-specific vocabulary with Word Prediction

Aid Vocabulary Acquisition with a Suite of Tools in One Software Solution

Decoding a word is just the first step, developing an understanding or word meaning—either for a targeted word or phrase—is crucial for meeting Common Core Standards. Kurzweil 3000 provides a multisensory approach to learning by offering both visual and auditory supports. As a result, students are actively engaged in vocabulary enrichment and are able to develop a deeper comprehension of learning materials.

  • Built in bilingual and picture dictionaries, in addition to thesaurus tools, assist with vocabulary acquisition
  • Instant access to reference tools, including Wikipedia, work to deepen comprehension
  • Customizable Word Lists and Vocabulary Study Guides help to familiarize students with new words and phrases

Give ELL Students the Tools to Succeed.

Enhance, develop, and accelerate learning for ELL students with award-winning tools from Kurzweil 3000. You will enable them to simultaneously develop their language skills, further their academic learning, and develop technological know-how within one intuitive and user friendly environment. Learn more about key features for ELL students or how Kurzweil 3000 can be used for test-taking.


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