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Low Reading Comprehension

  • Text-to-speech aids reading fluency and comprehension which can be especially helpful for students who retain more information through listening than reading.
  • Over 30 high quality natural voices in a range of dialects allow students to select a reader that is the best fit.
  • Students can adjust reading pace faster or slower to match their reading speed so they can follow along as the highlighted text is being read.
  • Read in OpenDyslexic font, which has weighted letters that help students focus on the words and see text more clearly.
  • Teachers can guide reading with embedded instructional notes or voice notes.

Poor Writing Composition

  • Highlight critical information to turn into an outline as a starting point for writing.
  • Templates give students a starting point for a variety of writing purposes, including: book reports, compare and contrast, and persuasive essays.
  • Graphic organizers allow students to visualize the connections between ideas which can increase the quality and quantity of writing.
  • Speech-to-text bypasses the tasks of handwriting and spelling, allowing the student to concentrate on developing their ideas and planning their work.
  • Dictionaries, thesaurus, spell check support student writing.
  • Text-to-speech allows students to hear what they've written to ensure it says what they intend.

Poor Performance on Classroom and/or Standardized Tests

  • Study guides can help students prepare for tests: students can highlight key vocabulary words in a document or on the internet and then extract these words into a study guide that automatically includes word definitions.
  • Main topics and details can be highlighted in various colors and exported into a study outline.
  • When tests are delivered via Kurzweil 3000, students can hear exam questions read aloud and listen to answers, improving academic performance.
  • Teachers can embed test questions inside any document using bubble notes. Question types include short answer, multiple choice, true/false, and matching.
  • Kurzweil 3000 closely matches many accommodations available on tests meeting state requirements for students to have the same accommodations on a daily basis.


  • Graphic organizers, templates, and the brainstorm tool aid in organizing ideas to support writing across all genres of writing.
  • Individual learners can highlight the text's main concepts and then extract the highlights and save them into a new document for use as a study guide or as the basis for an essay.
  • All documents are stored in the students' universal library.
  • Subfolders provide an additional layer of organization.
  • Documents can be accessed via the internet on any device or location. Students can read their textbooks anywhere, on any device, highlight, add notes, and continue their work later.
  • Six colors for highlighting and extraction; quickly create study notes, vocabulary lists and writing outlines.
  • Bookmarks can be created and labeled to allow students to return to important document locations.

Difficulties in Sequencing and Following Directions

  • Instructional notes or voice notes can be embedded into documents so that students are guided through the text.
  • Questions can be embedded into any document so that comprehension can be assessed immediately after a section of text.

Visual Impairment

  • Text-to-speech reduces dependency on vision.
  • Text can be magnified for easier viewing.
  • Dual highlighting while reading allows for better tracking.
  • Documents can be converted to mp3 files so they can be read on the go.
  • "Speak Buttons" option reads menu options outloud.
  • Kurzweil 3000 web application is WCAG compliant which makes navigation accessible.
  • For learners who are severely vision impaired, we offer Kurzweil 1000 .

Laborious Handwriting

  • Speech to text allows students to dictate notes and documents.
  • Highlight text on the internet or in a document and extract it into a study guide or a draft outline.


  • Translate words and full passages on the fly and have them read aloud in over a dozen languages.
  • Support word learning with dictionary definitions that can be read aloud.
  • Highlight unfamiliar words and automatically create vocabulary study guides with automatically generated definitions.
  • Improve English fluency by recording reading and playing it back.
  • Listen to text multiple times to reinforce the flow and cadence of the words.


  • Settings such as reading speed and reading dialects can be customized for individual UDL learners, whether they are visual, linear, or auditory learners.
  • Use bubble notes, which automatically pop-up when reading, to teach specific skills, guide students through tasks, or evaluate reading comprehension
  • Graphic organizers, column notes, and study guides support learners reading, writing and learning by creating alternative means of representing information.
  • Linear learners can utilize outlines, while visual learners can use graphic organizers.
  • Learners can customize reading voice, reading speed, amount of text highlighted, and text size to match individual learning needs.
  • Use the built-in language translator for foreign languages and pictorial dictionaries to provide support for English language learning.
  • Individual knowledge can be demostrated in various ways such as annotating text, completing worksheets, taking tests and writing essays using Kurzweil 3000's digital supports.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to access commands.

Google Classroom

  • Import students into Kurzweil 3000 from Google Classrooms.
  • Assign documents from within Kurzweil to Google Classroom.
  • Assign documents to individuals or whole classes.
  • View assignments within Google Classroom.
  • Clicking on the Google Classroom assignment will open the assignment directly in Kurzweil.

Supporting Busy Teachers

  • Single Sign On (SSO) automates the creation and deactivation of student profiles.
  • Uploader tool allows for upload of multiple files to the library at the same time.
  • Classroom account management can be done via the website. No need to involve IT.
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For all kinds of learners

Help learners overcome challenges of all kinds, at any age, and on any device - from those learning English as a second language, to those living with dyslexia or a visual impairment, to anyone struggling to achieve proficiency.

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