Kurzweil Educational Systems® has gathered a wide variety of information and other resources to assist you in the use of Kurzweil 3000 and Kurzweil 1000, as well as other resources within the educational field. We hope this is a helpful resource for you.

Universal Design
Learn how Kurzweil 3000 and firefly incorporate the principles of Universal Design for Learning, to accommodate a broad spectrum of abilities and learning styles within you classroom.                   
Funding Sources
Kurzweil 3000 and Kurzweil 1000 software align to federal entitlement and competitive grant programs. This page provides a summary of grants available and Kurzweil product alignments with the funding source objectives.
Higher Education
A text-to-speech reading software program to support both traditional and non-traditional students across disciplines in reading, writing, and for test-taking accommodations
. Common Core State Standards
Kurzweil 3000 provides access to digital content supporting students who struggle to read proficiently.
A Universal Design for Learning (UDL) assistive technology tool for special education to help students learn at grade level.
. Dysgraphia
Kurzweil 3000 writing tool bar helps students who struggle with dysgraphia to independently finish academic tasks alongside their peers.
Test Taking Accommodations
See how students can independently complete worksheets, classroom tests and standardized tests with greater confidence.
Kurzweil 3000 can be use as an integrated classroom solution or as an accommodation for students diagnosed with dyslexia.
Research & Efficacy
Find a variety of resources to help better understand how Kurzweil can improve students' ability to read and excel in the classroom.
English Language Learning
Kurzweil 3000 helps ELL and ESL students become better readers and writers.                                
See how Kurzweil 3000 and Kurzweil 1000 have Text-to-Speech capabilities.                                         
Video Gallery
Visit our video gallery to watch success stories, testimonials, and other great stories about our products.
Success Stories
See how Kurzweil 3000 and Kurzweil 1000 have made positive impacts on the lives of students and adults of all ages.
Industry Links
This page contains links to organizations and associations you may find helpful and wish to contact.
Kurzweil 3000 supports the academic challenges that Veterans face as they transition to civilian life and return to college.
Sources for Digital Text readable by Kurzweil 3000
Sources for digital text readable by Kurzweil 3000. Kurzweil can also read scanned books and materials, PDFs, and the Web.