firefly iPad App

firefly iPad app provides literacy tools on-the-go.

Mobile Access to firefly

Fully designed and built to work on the iPad, the firefly app makes accessing and reading digital files from the Kurzweil 3000-firefly Universal Library simple and easy! Demo the app for FREE Read any document uploaded to your Universal Library using Kurzweil 3000 or the over 2000 classic literature documents and books available in the app.

The firefly iPad app's benefits for students and teachers:

  • Mobile access to instructional material, personal,
    and shared files
  • Free iPad app is simple to install and use
  • Intuitive and engaging user interface ensures accessibility
    for all
                 Watch a Demo!
firefly iPad App Demo

firefly iPad App Demo
firefly iPad screenshot firefly ipad screenshot firefly ipad screenshot

Get firefly for On-the-Go Access ... It's Easy!

Customers of Kurzweil 3000-firefly Web License edition can simply use existing firefly login credentials to access private and public documents from the Universal Library. Just download the firefly app from the App Store!

firefly for the iPad Key Features

  • Access existing Kurzweil 3000-firefly Universal Library
  • Read text by word, line, sentence, or paragraph
  • Increase or decrease display size
  • Change reading rate
  • Choose from four different high quality voices
  • iPad app User Guide

Try firefly on the iPad and read the 2,000 classics available in digital format available for free