System Requirements

To use Kurzweil 3000 for Macintosh effectively, you will need a computer and scanner that meet or exceed the hardware and software requirements listed below:

System Requirements (all clients):

  • Minimum G3 processor, running Mac OS 10.4 through 10.10.
  • Minimum 256 MB RAM (512 MB RAM for Cepstral voices).
  • Minimum 300 MB hard disk space (500 MB for Cepstral voices).
  • NOTE: The Cepstral voices are not yet compatible with OS 10.9.x Mavericks or 10.10.x Yosemite.
  • DVD drive, keyboard, mouse, speakers, microphone, Internet connection for Read the Web functionality.
  • Image Capture-compatible scanner.
  • NOTE: Kurzweil 3000 Mac v5 will NOT open native AppleWorks and ClarisWorks files

Additional Web License (only) Requirements:

  • Internet connection required for product use. All installed clients use some amount of bandwidth to connect to web services. Although the clients will work at just about any speed, we recommend a minimum of 56k/student, 512k/lab.

Kurzweil 3000 does not currently support thin-client based environments as it was not designed for some of the special requirements of these systems.