Kurzweil 3000 Feature Updates for August

Now that writing is online, wouldnít it be great if you could work from any device? You can now with this latest release! Try it out, log into www.kurzweil3000.com from your Android or Apple phone or tablet. You can read, take notes, write, and complete assignments anywhere.

Thatís not all that was released for Kurzweil 3000 this month. Youíll notice increased flexibility with notes and the ability to re-size both note and translation windows. Features that will not work in Offline Mode, such as links to online resources, are grayed out and a message indicates that users can work offline for 72 hours from the last time the user logged in online. Here are other new features and updates youíll want to check out.

Kurzweil 3000 Feature Updates in August