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Offering best-in-class assistive technology products, Kurzweil Education prides itself on providing a solution for all learners. Discover more about each solution.

Assistive Technology Products from Kurzweil

Deeply-rooted in the education industry for decades, Kurzweil Education offers assistive technology products and resources that transform struggling learners into successful, independent readers, writers, and test-takers. From students who are English Language Learners, living with dyslexia, or are learning with a visual impairment, Kurzweil’s assistive technology is an integrated solution for life.

Understanding Assistive Technology for the Classroom

Integrating educational tools, like assistive technology, helps educators and students overcome the challenges that learning disabilities bring to a classroom environment. Literacy technology utilizes many different components, like text-to-speech, to help curate an inclusive learning experience for students who have dyslexia, are English Language Learners, who are blind or visually impaired—or who are reading or writing below proficiency level. Being able to keep up at the same pace as their peers is one key advantage for adding assistive technology to the classroom, along with these additional benefits:

The Kurzweil Education Difference

Meaningful progress in and out of the classroom starts with the tools educators and students use to support lifelong literacy. Other assistive technology solutions offer reading support, text tools or assessments, all pieces of the literacy puzzle, but our products bring them all together with easy, proven solutions that ensure instruction and learning become personal. Kurzweil Education delivers a combination of educational technology and professional development services that help learners meet rigorous standards and unlock their potential through: