Access whenever, wherever is the difference between just getting it done (or not) vs. learning from the assignment.

Your Devices. Our Solutions. No Boundaries. No Barriers.

The ability to independently access any content, on any device, is an important skill for students with learning differences to develop. Our assistive technologies offer greater features that provide truly accessible learning and parity across devices, offering a simpler experience that engages students in learning.

When learners can address their own unique learning challenges they can build the skills and confidence to succeed academically. They can unlock their potential.

One Event. Two Locations. Streamed Live Online May 12th

On Friday, May 12th, speakers across the U.S. share their latest research, approaches to using AT, and favorite technologies to both inspire and provide you with practical knowledge you can use in classroom the next day. Sessions include:

  • 21st Century Literacy? Really?
    Sara Murphy, Riverside School District, Phoenix, AZ
  • Finding my Jetpack: My LD to PhD Journey
    Collin Diedrich, PhD in Molecular Virology and Microbiology
  • Improving the Chances for College Success: From Access to Output
    Alicia Brandon, Dartmouth College
  • Pieces of the Puzzle - Accessibility Threaded Throughout the Day
    Dan Herlihy, Connective Technology Solutions, Inc.
The event is free and no login is required, just visit the ATLiveEdu page from where ever you are on May 12th from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (ET).

Greater Features Provide Greater Flexibility

Each day we grow a little more. Whether that growth is tied to a new learning challenge, or a new discovery, our products are equipped with the most comprehensive suite of features to meet your need.

The good news is that you don’t need to become an expert on every feature—all you need to know is which features can help to address a particular need as it arises. To that end, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the new Kurzweil Academy that is designed to do just that.

When learners can't access grade-level content, they fall further behind. Features in k3000 enable students to access content above their proficiency level as they build their literacy skills. Their reading speed and accuracy will increase, they'll become more effective writers, and their test results will improve.

They become independent, confident learners...

  • On Any Device

    Chromebooks, devices with Android and iOS now have full access to web-based features and content saved online.
  • On and Offline

    Work online in class, or offline during a test or at home. We’re flexible. Discover k3000’s Offline Mode.
  • With All Content

    Images, web content, text in video—print assignments handed out in class—can all be accessed in seconds. Learn how.

I went from 6+ hours to finishing in less than 2 hours…

"I went from spending 6+ hours per day on school reading and usually not finishing to finishing all of my reading in less than 2 hours with k3000. This allowed me to spend more time drafting essays and studying from notecards, dramatically improving my academic performance." - David Barton, College Student

Start Here, with a free Trial

Quality text-to-speech matters, especially for persons with blindness and visual impairments. Modify k1000 so that listening is comfortable, and enjoyable. Then march on to independence with additional features for writing, editing, and on-to-go access.

It's independence at its best.


"I've used kurzweil 1000 for many years. Kurzweil Education truly cares about their customers and shows it every day."
- Evelyn W., Muskegon, MI

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