Text-to-Speech: An Integrated Literacy Solution for Life

For those who are living with dyslexia, are English language learners, or blind and vision impaired, text-to-speech technology, like kurzweil 3000, boasts many benefits inside the classroom and out. Functioning as an assistive technology, educators can integrate this into their classrooms so students who have challenges with reading can keep up at the same pace as their peers. By reading text aloud while students follow along, this literacy solution helps boost learners' confidence and performance in the classroom.

Using Text-to-Speech Technology

There are multiple facets of text-to-speech, including choosing the right assistive technology and getting students to properly comprehend and retain learning materials using these tools. Kurzweil Education's text-to-speech software offers a multisensory approach and multiple means of access to text—whether in print, online, or in digital formats—to support better learning at school and at home. Kurzweil literacy software and products give reading disabled, blind and vision impaired users access to classroom curriculum, workplace documents, emails, and personal reading, all while having the freedom to read and write without the need for a tutor or human assistant.

Selecting the Right Assistive Technology with Text-to-Speech

Whether you are a student or educator, there are countless benefits of using and selecting the right text-to-speech technology to better support learning. Kurzweil Education's suite of literacy products offer key advantages for both learners and teachers, including:

Funding Text-to-Speech Technology in the Classroom

Applying for various types of grants to bring assistive technology into your classroom or school, helps alleviate some of the financial costs associated with using additional tools to support better learning. Public schools that are K-Postsecondary education and vocational rehabilitation centers for adults are eligible to receive grant funding. These stipends cover most or all of the costs associated with bringing assistive technology into your classrooms, allowing schools to focus on budgeting for intermittent upgrades. Visit Kurzweil Educationís grants & funding page to learn more and apply!

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