Kurzweil 3000 Windows Downloads

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Additional Acapela Voices

North and South American Voices                   Windows
        English USA — Sharon, Rod, Ryan                           
        Spanish North America — Rodrigo                           
        Portuguese Brazil — Marcia                           
European Voices One                   Windows
        Dutch — Femke                           
        French — Antoine, Manon                           
        Dutch Belgian — Jeroen, Sofie                           
European Voices Two                   Windows
        German — Klaus, Claudia                           
        Italian — Fabiana, Vittorio                           
        Portuguese — Celia                           
European Voices Three                   Windows
        Danish — Rasmus                           
        Finnish — Sanna                           
        Norwegian — Kari                           
        Swedish — Emma, Erik                           
English Non US Voices                   Windows
        English Australian — Lisa, Tyler                           
        English UK — Lucy, Peter                           
        English Indian — Deepa                           

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