"Believe You Can" Motto Drives New Corporate Identity Program at Kurzweil Educational; Boosts Outreach to Struggling Students And Blind

Company Renews Commitment to Support Self-Reliance Among Individuals With Visual And Learning Disabilities

Kurzweil Educational Systems®, innovator of reading technology products for individuals with learning and visual disabilities, today unveiled the company's new corporate identity including a new logo, slogan, advertising campaign and web site. The program was designed to reflect how Kurzweil Educational's industry leading products, Kurzweil 1000 and Kurzweil 3000, help individuals with visual or learning disabilities take control of their difficulty accessing the written word, and establish their independence in the classroom or workplace and in their daily lives.

"Our new slogan, "Believe You Can," sums up the impact we strive to have on our customers, the impetus behind our product development, and our vision for the company," said Michael Sokol, President and CEO, Kurzweil Educational Systems. "The new web site will be a critical channel for keeping the lines of communication open with our customers and the market in general. Its new, interactive design makes it much easier to maintain an ongoing, dialogue with our various audiences, including customers, educators and resellers. And our new marketing campaign reaches out to those educators and individuals who are unfamiliar with assistive technology and the many benefits it offers."

Kurzweiledu.com Hosts User Groups, Offers Resources & Provides Industry Updates

Visitors to the new Kurzweil Educational web site will find new features and updated information, including:

Kurzweil Educational's new web site is compliant with Federal guidelines and all the industry recognized approval standards for ensuring accessibility to individuals. In addition, to make sure the web site serves the needs of their customers, Kurzweil tested the site with people who rely on screen readers for web access and also used industry recognized software tools for testing web accessibility.

Future web site features under development include:

Kurzweil Educational Products

The company's products are designed to help individuals take control over their reading and writing difficulties and to help teachers provide the most effective instruction. Kurzweil 3000, using a multisensory approach, presents printed or electronic text on the computer screen with added visual and audible accessibility and includes dynamic test-taking and study-skill features designed to accommodate different learning styles. Kurzweil 1000 provides individuals with severe visual impairments access to all text, regardless of whether it appears in printed or electronic formats.

About Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc.

Kurzweil Educational Systems, founded in 1996, is the industry leader and innovator of scanning, reading and writing solutions for people with learning disabilities, and people who are blind or visually impaired. Ray Kurzweil, a co-founder of the original company, invented computer-based reading machine technology 25 years ago to provide access to printed text for the blind. With a pioneering history in developing assistive technology, the company has received worldwide recognition for enabling people with disabilities to lead more independent lives through improved reading and writing abilities. Kurzweil 3000, the company's flagship product for individuals with reading and writing disabilities, recently won the "District's Choice Top 100 Product" 2002 Award published by the District Administration magazine. For more company or product information, visit www.kurzweiledu.com.

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