Other Tools for Version 14

Read The Web

May 5, 2016

Download the file, open Firefox on the machine where Read the Web will be used, and then drag and drop the file onto Firefox. The latest Read the Web (RTW) version can be found here for download: (https://www.kurzweiledu.com/downloads/currentversion/KESIReader.xpi)

Update KES Utility

June 2, 2016

UpdateKES is a converter that enables you to open Kurzweil 3000 Version 8 and earlier image-based .KES files that either can no longer open or that open but in which you cannot page through or navigate without error messages.


Kurzweil3000 Automater

March 3, 2016

The K3Automater is a program that is typically used by institutions who offer a scanning service to their students. It is designed for mass conversion of files captured by a high-speed scanner into .KES format.