Skill Building

Focus, organization, vocabulary development, and making mental images are all part of the process of thinking. When you connect these critical thinking skills with skills for writing or studying for a test, thatís where real progress is made.

At its very core, the Kurzweil 3000 platform was designed to help students independently process and articulate concepts more effectively. It starts with focusing on a specific skill, such as vocabulary development or notetaking, and then connecting them as learning progresses.

Youíll find that student motivation increases since tasks seem less arduous. But the real indicator of whether itís working is when students show up to class and participate in classroom discussions. When students have the confidence to share what they learned, thatís when you know youíve made a difference.

Sign-up to put these skills into action. In less than 10 min youíll learn a new technique and have ample time to practice before the next skill is delivered.

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