Common Core Standards: Close Reading

What is close reading?
Close reading is defined as careful and purposeful reading used to uncover layers of meaning that lead to deep comprehension. It enables a transaction between the reader and the text, and a deeper understanding of what the author is saying.

How will students meet common core standards for close reading?
Close reading standards will require that students read text thoroughly and develop a deeper understanding of the text. They should be able to identify and cite evidence within the text, and justify answers to text-dependent questions based on their findings. Students will be required to: How does Kurzweil 3000 support close reading?
Built-in tools within Kurzweil 3000 allow students to develop a deeper understanding of the text, and be able to answer questions citing evidence from within the text. Students can listen and re-listen to the text at a pace comfortable to them, highlight main ideas or key details, then extract the information into study guides and outlines to help with writing. Teachers can also embed questions and instructions within the text, providing added support for students where they need it.

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