Features & Highlights

Other key features:

  • Simple forms recognition and completion
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Scanner Button Support
  • State-of-the-art speech options
  • Appointment calendar with audible reminders
  • Study tools-add bookmarks, text notes, and annotations; skim, summarize, and create outlines for your work
  • Access to eighteen bilingual dictionaries
  • Quick access to scan, photocopy, and fax features
  • Create documents and work with tables
  • Online information search and retrieval from leading web repositories and online encyclopedias
  • DAISY format support
  • Read files away from home and burn CDs
  • Create and play audio files
  • Broad range of file access
  • Supports low vision users with magnification and highlighting functions
  • Provides easy access to common business applications (calculator, photocopier, and fax)
  • Scans within Microsoft Word
  • Sends files through popular e-mail applications

State-of-the-Art Speech Options

Clear, natural-sounding VoiceText™ voices from NeoSpeech and ETI - Eloquence™ voices from Nuance deliver the highest quality text-to-speech (TTS), making your reading a pleasure to hear.

Production Editing

It is often important to provide high-quality, accurate representations of a scanned document as quickly as possible. Tools such as Ranked Spelling, Automatic Corrections, and Recognition Statistics make it easy to quickly improve a long document.

Study Tools

Kurzweil 1000 can add bookmarks, text notes, and annotations; skim, summarize, and create outlines for your work, and have your documents open to the last position read. Professionals and students find Kurzweil 1000's comprehensive time-saving study tools extremely useful. Plus, you'll have access to eighteen bilingual dictionaries.

Online Information Search and Retrieval

Enjoy quick access to information from a variety of sources, including e-books, magazines, encyclopedias, and the Merriam-Webster medical dictionary. Based on your criteria, Kurzweil 1000 will search select Internet repositories such as Bookshare.org, NLS Web Braille, Access World, Talking Newspaper Association of the United Kingdom, NFB Publications, the Columbia Encyclopedia, and Wikipedia (in multiple languages), and present you with your download choices.

Create and Play Audio Files

It's easy to convert your Kurzweil 1000 documents to MP3, WAV, and DAISY audio files. If your document contains bookmarks, Kurzweil 1000 will use them to create separate audio files so your selections will be easier to manage on your portable player. In addition, you can listen to audio files from other sources in Kurzweil 1000 along with the option to use reading and navigational keys for audio DAISY, and Bookmarks or Notes to annotate MP3, WAV, and WMA files.